• Jeff and Stacy Oliver
    Jeff and Stacy Oliver
    Susie Kanter is a total professional, and an extremely helpful partner in our house buying search, price negotiation, and purchase. Susie also was key in suggesting professional support for our home buying experience: lawyers, plumbers, electricians, floor refinishing etc. Susie's contacts were invaluable. The lawyer Susie suggested made our house closing experience a breeze. I cannot imagine a better home buying experience. Thanks again!
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  • Kelly S.
    Kelly S.
    My husband and I worked with Susie recently to purchase our first home, based on a recommendation from friends who'd had a great experience with her. We feel so lucky to have found her, and couldn't have asked for a better guide during such an important process. Susie was a true advocate for us, a trusted advisor, and always had our best interest in mind. We'd highly recommend her to all buyers - whether first timers like us or experienced buyers looking for an seasoned realtor. One of the fundamental qualities of a realtor for first-time buyers is patience, and Susie seriously delivered for us in this area. From the very start, she graciously spent time talking us through the process and thoughtfully preparing us for what we'd encounter along the way. Her deep knowledge of the market and our mindset as buyers was apparent as she managed our expectations in a way we later realized was incredibly strategic. We believe this preparation gave us an edge in the end and ultimately made us feel most comfortable every step of the way. She was available to us nearly 24 hours a day, never making us feel badly for taking her time to view properties she probably knew we wouldn't end up liking. In fact, looking back, we realize now that Susie knew exactly what we were looking for much before we did. But she let us get there on our own, because she knew the path to our decision was just as important. Susie's experience impressed us as well, apparent as she expertly guided us through the process. We felt confident in her ability to read between the lines, make thoughtful judgement calls, and provide invaluable perspective in the moment we needed it most. We constantly turned to each other to say how happy we were that we were in such good hands! She has an extremely well-balanced approach - kind and respectful, yet clear and direct - in everything from her advice to her buyer(s), her communication with other parties, and her negotiations while making a deal. And finally, Susie is incredibly compassionate. We could tell she really cared about us, our journey, and where we'd end up. She was 100% in it with us, and we felt that from the very start and still today after we've been settled into our new place for months. We had such a great time working with her along the way. We spent plenty of time together, and always enjoyed ourselves; and that really matters in the buying process! To us, Susie is one of those gems that we've been lucky to work with and lucky to know.

    Kelly S.
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  • Amy W.
    Amy W.
    We recently sold our home and purchased a condo in the city with Susie as our agent. We feel incredibly lucky to have found her as her level of knowledge, professionalism and work ethic can be hard to come by. Her communication and business style always made us feel informed, confident and well represented. Her strong relationships and years of experience made a real difference when those inevitable real estate bumps in the road came up. We never doubted that she had our best interests at heart and was going to do all she could to sell our home for the best possible price and make sure we were able to find and purchase a place we were thrilled with. This process is always stressful, but Susie's calm focus and expertise kept us reassured. And on top of that she is really just a pleasure to be around. The buying selling process is not a quick one, so having someone you trust and also enjoying doing business with is not to be overlooked! We would highly recommend Susie to our friends and family.

    Amy W.
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  • Erin and Ben
    Erin and Ben
    Lincoln Square
    Working with Susie was such a pleasure! We worked with her to sell our condo in Lakeview and then to buy our current home in Lincoln Square. On the sell side, Susie never pressured us into making a decision that we were uncomfortable with. She talked with us and provided all the pros and cons and helped us come to a decision that was right for us. It was clear she had our family?s best interest as her top priority. When we started the negotiation process, Susie strongly guided us with her years of experience and knowledge of the market. We really trusted her opinion and we?re glad we did because she got us more for our place then we thought we could get! On the buy side, Susie again had our best interest as her number one priority. She asked the tough questions of the seller?s agents to ensure we were not purchasing a home that would give us unforeseen issues. Her knowledge of the market, years of experience and relationships with local agents made us feel confident and excited when it came time to put an offer on a place. When we found out there was a counter offer, Susie was proactive, direct and a true advocate for us. She stayed ?on top of the situation? and ultimately our offer was accepted! Susie always made time for our calls and/or questions and never made us feel like she was too busy to spend time with us. All of the recommendations Susie gave us for a mortgage broker, lawyer, etc. were as professional, responsive, proactive and easy to work with as Susie. We really felt like our whole team had our best interest through the entire process. Susie provided direction, reassurance and comfort during what can be a very stressful and overwhelming process! We would strongly recommend Susie to any of our friends and family and will be using Susie again when it comes time to move on to our next home!

    Erin and Ben, Lincoln Square
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  • Eileen G.
    Eileen G.
    As first time home owners and new to Chicago, Susie was the perfect fit for us: patient, informative, helpful, flexible, and fun. We spent many weekends and nights together viewing over 50 houses and every outing Susie was prepared and energetic. Susie is excellent at communication, not only with us, but all the other parties of the house buying process. Susie genuinely cares about her clients and it is a great feeling to have someone in your corner who will listen and fight for you. Susie is experienced and knowledgeable about every part of the home buying process from neighborhoods to offer negotiations. While our home is a perfect fit, we look forward to working with Susie when the time comes.

    Eileen G.
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  • Jill and Joe Wachter
    Jill and Joe Wachter
    Susie represented us in the sale of our Lakeview condo. He experience and hard work helped us to get a good deal for our place in a very tough real estate market. We interviewed several Realtors before finding Susie and none of them came close. For a Realtor that has a lot on her plate, she made us feel like we were her only client. We recommend Susie to all our friends and family.

    Jill and Joe Wachter, Lakeview
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  • M Warkentin and S Permanand
    M Warkentin and S Permanand
    Our family relocated to Chicago from Canada recently, and we worked with Susie in finding our home here. Our most important factors were to find a home near a great school and in a kid-friendly neighborhood. Susie was very thorough and extremely responsive in this process, representing our interests beyond expectation. We were successful in our search, and thanks to Susie our transition to Chicago has been much easier. Thanks so much, Susie!

    M Warkentin and S Permanand
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  • Tina G
    Tina G
    The Loop
    As a first time home buyer, I didn't even know where to start. How do I find condos? How do I pick an agent? What do I even want to buy? Luckily, one of my colleagues said, "I have just the agent for you." Enter Susie Kanter of Dream Town Realty. Three words: Educated. Responsive. Caring.

    Educated - Susie knows the downtown market really well. She's been doing this for almost 2 decades and used to own a mortgage company. When walking through potential places, she'd notice things that I didn't even think to look at. She's not shy, so she'll speak up and ask all of the questions that need to be asked. However, because she's been doing this for a long time, she is well versed in Realtor etiquette...so you know she'll work well with all parties and avoid personality conflicts (critical for this emotional process).

    Responsive - It is amazing how quickly Susie responds to emails/phone calls. And it's not because she's not busy. She is just an amazing multi-tasker and is able to make you feel valued. She remembered all of the conversations we'd had, so I wasn't repeating myself. Whenever I had a question...and I had plenty...she really took the time to not only answer the question I asked, but also the ones I didn't even know to ask. She'd tell me the answer over the phone...and then she'd write it all in an email to make sure it hit home.

    Caring - Susie's end goal is to make you happy. There was no pressure to buy...she really wants you to feel good about your decision, so she lays out the facts about the place, gives her opinion, and then leave it to you. She listened to my housing needs / wants and then built our condo viewing day around them. She kept her focus in the price point I established and never tried to pull me out of that range. I felt like she was with me throughout the entire process.

    The timeframe from when I saw my now condo to when I signed the loan papers was less than a month! I couldn't have done it without her.

    Tina G, The Loop
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  • Marisa and Geoffrey
    Marisa and Geoffrey
    Susie Kanter is a well-rounded woman who makes her clients a top priority. She is honest, knowledgeable, detail oriented, and thorough in everything she does. Her number one goal is to make sure her clients are happy and get the best home possible. Susie's professional expertise is unmatched and is essential when it comes to buying and selling a home in Chicago.

    Marisa and Geoffrey, Lakeview
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  • Claire and Ryan B.
    Claire and Ryan B.
    Susie provided stability and a positive attitude when selling our condo in the midst of a poor market. We feel she did an excellent job for us in what was a challenging process. She proved she was extremely knowledgeable and an excellent advocate during the selling process. We were lucky to have Susie also represent us during the purchase of our first home and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Susie's attention to detail, follow through, and work ethic has made us feel fortunate to have her represent us. We would highly recommend Susie to any of our family and friends.

    Claire and Ryan B.
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  • Kelly J
    Kelly J
    We worked with Susie on the sale of our condo, just as the market was beginning to slide. She met with us months in advance and provided us with excellent advice regarding the preparation of our unit so buyers could envision themselves living in our condo. Susie also provided us with ideas and resources including difficult but sensible counsel regarding our asking price. As a result, we were under contract just 15 days after we officially put our place on the market! Her services didn't end there — she was an excellent sounding board throughout the entire negotiation process and helped make the deal happen.

    On the flip side, she was also very professional in helping us find our new home. She helped us sort through the various pros and cons of our options, and referred great professionals to us to help finalize the process (home inspector, lawyer, mortgage service, etc.).

    Susie is not only very professional, she is personable and makes this very stressful process a lot more fun and manageable. And, it was certainly comforting to know that she was working in our best interest when orchestrating such an important personal investment.

    Kelly J, Evanston
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  • Joe
    When an agent brings knowledge and professionalism like Susie does, it brings a comfort level to everyone involved in the transaction. My seller was so very grateful of how (smoothly) the transaction went ... The comfort she brings to everyone involved is what sets her apart from everyone else!

    Joe, Real Estate Agent, @Properties
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  • Amy
    Susie is amazing to work with, tremendously professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of the home buying process. She negotiated on our behalf and fought for us, and we received the "largest closing credit" our lender had ever seen! Susie is a well rounded agent, with a stellar reputation in Chicagoland. We routinely ran into real estate agents who knew her or knew of her reputation. It felt great to have a top real estate agent representing us.

    Amy, Account Manager, Paycor Payroll Services
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  • Jed
    As first time buyers we were overwhelmed by the process of buying our new home. Having no idea what question to ask, or where to even start — other than our needs for central air and parking — a colleague of ours recommended Susie Kanter to us. Susie did everything for us, from appropriately assessing what we could spend for a new home based on our income and identifying key growth neighborhoods to securing our mortgage team, inspector and property lawyer.

    Jed, Associate Director, US Memorial Holocaust Museum
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